What is a kitchen without a food processor? Who does kitchen work manually anymore when it can be automated?

Hello and welcome to The Food Processor Site. My name is Mike and I’ll be taking you through a virtual trip to the world of food processors through this site. I love how incredibly useful food processors are in the kitchen, so much that I had to create a website about them.

On this website, I cover lots of food processor topics, including reviews, guides, recipes, and general food processor information.

* Seeing as this website is new, the information available here will be a bit sparse, so please bear with me as I populate this site with information over time.

If there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find on this website, just shoot me an email through the form here. You’ll most likely receive a same-day response, or you may receive a response the following day if I’m occupied.

* May become outdated in the future. Just putting this here in case I forget to update this page in the future.